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DANNY LACEY -Leeds-based independent filmmaker:

I've had the pleasure of working on one of the projects to come out of Mannin Shorts and can honestly say that the work you guys are doing over there is fantastic. A great example of how important it is to just get out there and make stuff happen. Well done guys, and a brilliant showcase for indie film on the Isle of Man in the form of Mannin Shorts.

CARL PARKER -Co-Director IOM Acting Academy & Producer "In Yer Space" Production Co:

I know how valuable MannIN Shorts has been for the Isle of Man Acting Academy students and those learning the art and craft of television/film acting to be able to gain practical on-set experience in order to further develop their individual skills. There is only so much you can learn in a class or workshop environment. The real learning begins on-set, when the camera is roling and you put all you have learned in to practice, which I know for some has given them not only a confidence boost but practical experience which is invaluble. It's a shame how the IOM film industry has gone, but as you can see, with passion, determination and creative flare anything is possible, with Mr Armstrong and Miss DeHaven at the helm with professional help and advice from Lynda, Lee and Leslie and many more, your in safe hands. There is no reason why there can't be an Independent production company on the Island making films outside of the IOM Film Commission.........MannIn Shorts could be the beginning of creating that reality on the Island.....

ROB CRAINE -Film Producer:

What Dave and Christy have done, and continue to do, to ensure that the Manx film community, both established and new, remains alive, nurtured, energised, active and promoted is to be applauded. Being a part of the Mannin Shorts iniative at the start, and following its progress, what it has achieved in such a short space of time is testament to everyone's hard work. And it can only continue to grow......!!!

DEBS GWINNELL - Joint Managing Director Typhoon House (& short film Producer!):

Film has always been a passion on mine for more decades than I care to admit to. Back in the day I worked in the industry but only on the outskirts in Marketing for people like Disney, Jim Henson etc. When I moved to the IOM 15 years ago my involvement with film ended until Christy, Dave and Phil entered my life. And that has started a whole new chapter. They eased me in gently (joke) with a few acting workshops with Lee Boardman. Mind blowing! Then a few more incredible workshops on the craft side. Then they pressed the pedal down hard with the incredible MannIN Shorts screen play competition. Suddenly I found that I had become a short film producer.

Without MannIN shorts this would never have happened. It is all down to them that in an incredibly short period of time (12 months) I have one film in post-production (Hide + Seek) and one in pre (Closet) which we film this July. Plus acting in John Craine and Will Sutton's 'No Kissing'. I may be biased but I do know film and every production supported by MannIN shorts is of the highest professional quality. I am convinced we have a number of Film Festival winners on our hands.

The incredible group of people that Dave and Christy have enticed into MannIN Shorts are just outstanding. The mix of huge talent, experience and wiliness to share and train new filmmakers is unprecedented. I think it would be fair to say that I've lead a fairly eventful and successful life. But nothing comes close to the fulfilment and sheer joy I get from being part of MannIN Shorts. Being part of it is simply the best choice I have ever made!


Dave and Christy are the driving force and the inspiration which has taken my new life to another level... and I mean every word of it. You made it possible for me and for lots of other passionate MannIN Shortos who wouldn’t have dreamed of such an amazing opportunity to express themselves… and for that, you deserve a MILLION THANKS!!! Let’s keep up the great work all together! There is so much more to do. Passion can’t be stopped or ignored!

SONYA QUAYLE - Yoga Teacher:

A massive thank-you to Poker Stars for making Lesley Manning’s Directors’ Workshop with MannIN Shorts possible. The workshop was better than anything I could have hoped to find in London and here it was, in Douglas and for free! It really is quite incredible given the standard of tuition and the overall value of the experience. MannIN Shorts are to be applauded for taking the initiative to encourage resident film-makers and we know that they would struggle to do so without your generous support.

JOHN BRIMBLE - Actor & Businessman:

Just saying thank you for Mannin Shorts, does not seem adequate for what has been created and continues to be nurtured. What you have created is a vibrant and very talented film production community covering all of the film-making process, through from script to distribution. You have built a community that looks at what it can bring to Mannin shorts, rather than what it can take. I have been in the film industry for ten years now, working as crew and also appearing in front of the camera.

It was the Mannin shorts acting workshops with Lee Boardman and Lesley Manning that kick-started my ‘real acting’; this, followed on by Carl Parker’s Isle of Man acting academy, has seen me in the last year, being auditioned and directed by Phyllida Lloyd with Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady and auditioned and directed by Joe Wright with Keira Knightley in Anna Karenina. I have just returned from filming a small appearance in a new series for ITV1. I have no doubt, that without what I have learnt at Mannin Shorts, I would not have had these opportunities. Aside from the great boost to my acting career, may I also thank you for the Mannin shorts workshops and schemes that have seen my first script selected for funding and production on the Isle of Man.

Like many people earlier in their life; I had a choice at School between arts and sciences. I chose science. It is now a wonderful opportunity that you have offered through Mannin shorts for me; to be able to re-kindle my creative and artistic side and to discover a flair for writing and a directing. Mannin shorts has also given me valuable experience in a range of film-crew roles on several locally produced films.

I think it is something in the Manx air, but when working on these productions I am always amazed to see how well film professionals and people new to the industry work together, with dedication, concentration, enthusiasm and skill levels every bit as high as I have seen on productions in England that were budgeted in the millions of pounds. I feel that film editing is a continuation of film directing, and like many people on this island, I look forward to further planned Mannin shorts courses in editing and post-production.

As we have seen with the production of Chico and Rita, there is a local creative talent for work in post production, talent that should be nurtured and developed into a Manx industry of its own. All my recent productions are in England. All of these productions could have in part, been produced on the Isle of Man. I would much prefer every pound I earn to be a Manx pound, a pound that is spent on the Isle of Man.

MannIN Shorts is not only about film production. The skills you are teaching are directly relevant to many in their current jobs, be it in government or the private sector, bringing a range of skills in writing, presentation, design, advanced computer use and planning that can only help the Manx economy.

Thank you to everybody involved in the Mannin shorts workshops and schemes. Those with the vision to Sponsor the scheme. The tutors, mentors and workshop leaders. The Manx film industry professionals. The Fellow participants. And now, above all, friends.

It is a great pleasure to work with you all in this one cause; to produce good films on the Isle of Man.

ZOE GUILFORD - Consultant (and Actor, Producer, Writer, Researcher...):

Dave and Christy have grown the Island's film community through tirelessly working to provide opportunities to Manx people with an interest in the industry but who never dreamed of being given an outlet. On a personal level, getting involved in MannIN Shorts has been one of the most exciting times of my life - I'm having so much fun with an inspiring group of like-minds. nts claiming there is no talent here. We look forward to proving them wrong.

CHRIS CHAMBERS - Assistant Director, Writer:

Dave is one of my mentors and his knowledge and enthusiasm for film is amazing. Ever since the Manx Multimedia Centre days I've loved working with him on every project, with some stories that still make me chuckle (Maxatrix, The Shore). Likewise Christy, talented in her own right, is one of the stalwarts of the local scene, and a friend, and it's always a pleasure working with her (she's kept me sane on numerous occasions!). Even though I'm not on the Island right now and gone away to look for work, i'm looking forward to seeing you guys again during 'Closet'. It's going to be tough battle but take care, and fight the good fight Mannin Shorters!

ALLEN WIDDUP - Independent Financial Advisor and Actor:

Since first meeting Dave Strongarm n The Jinner, who casually suggested I "ought to get involved" I have been overwhelmed by their passion, focus, encouragement and just sheer bally professionalism and I say unto you, dear reader, get involved with the man in shorts too, you won't regret it! Thanks to you!

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