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Breathless (S.Sturnick)

Screenplay link

June 14th-15th Crew - various

Jen Chance:


Soul Funk Mix Tape (A. Hall)

Screenplay link

June 13th-15th Runners

Pam Smith:


Muck (J.Craine)

Screenplay link

July 13th- 18th Cast / Crew various

Bev Lawley:


The Battle of Ronaldsway (J.Franklin) Screenplay July 19th- 21st Cast / Crew various

Selina Hooper:


Scene Stealer Challenge Completed    


Here at MannIn Shorts, we are all about training! And we run workshops in everything from writing to storyboarding to cinematography. We are fortunate to be able to call on friends within the industry who are professionals in their field, all of who are generous with their time and knowledge and ensure our workshop attendees have the same level of training and attention that you would expect from any established film school.

And, thanks to the kind sponsorship of Island based firm PokerStars who have supported us since we launched in 2010, we are able to offer all workshops at a massively reduced rate - sometimes even free of charge!

Recent workshops:

Production Design with Anisha Fields (Blackbird)
Directing with Lesley Manning (NFTS)
The Scene Stealer Challenge (short film workshop - shoot and edit)
Storyboarding with Juan Moore (Chico and Rita)
Producing 102 with Alistair Audsley (The Paddy Lincoln Gang)
Producing 101 with MShorts Producers Emily Cook and Bev Lawley
Screenwriting with Anne Marie O'Connor (Trollied)
Acting for Screen with Lee Boardman (HBO's Rome)
Props and design with Lynda Reiss (True Detective)
Cinematography with Dave Armstrong (Ghostgirl) and John Craine (Blackbird)

To find out about our upcoming workshops, monthly meetings and opportunities in film making on the Isle of Man, please join our mailing list and facebook.

We interviewed LEE BOARDMAN about the workshop, and his thoughts about MannIN Shorts - he said some very lovely things, like "with the work Mshorts is doing, there's a huge outlet for people who want to be involved in film, a bigger opportunity than there is in some cities in the UK, for actors, crew members, Directors, writers, it's incredibly exciting" We love Lee :)

Watch the full video here:

MannIN Shorts Acting Workshop from Dave Armstrong on Vimeo.

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